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Feather Flag manufacturers three main sales channel problem

Posted by on May 18, 2015 in Feather Flags | 0 comments

Receivables more than two-thirds of total Feather Flag sales, the company is caught in a cash flow crisis; Feather Flag salesperson holds large customer resource conflicts, grab a single down single occur, even high power main town, clamped company; false marketing expenses rampant, inadvertently develop new customers …… how to solve these common problems in industrial Feather Flag sales?

Three Feather Flag sales problems

Most Feather Flag manufacturers (example) engaged in the production and sale of ready-mixed concrete. In order to focus customer resources, rationalize funds and manpower, we decided to merge its three mixing stations, centralized management of three stirring stations each production and marketing team. After the integration of resources, the headquarters has discovered a series of questions:

First, the accounts receivable too high

2004 total Feather Flag sales of 350 million Dollar three stations, the result of accounts receivable of $ 250 million, resulting in a serious cash flow poor, operational difficulties. This is the cumulative balance due by the project and the contract resulting from excessive money advances, fundamental research, it is closely related to the Feather Flag sales staff appraisal system and customer management system.

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