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Feather Flag manufacturers three main sales channel problem

Receivables more than two-thirds of total Feather Flag sales, the company is caught in a cash flow crisis; Feather Flag salesperson holds large customer resource conflicts, grab a single down single occur, even high power main town, clamped company; false marketing expenses rampant, inadvertently develop new customers …… how to solve these common problems in industrial Feather Flag sales?

Three Feather Flag sales problems

Most Feather Flag manufacturers (example) engaged in the production and sale of ready-mixed concrete. In order to focus customer resources, rationalize funds and manpower, we decided to merge its three mixing stations, centralized management of three stirring stations each production and marketing team. After the integration of resources, the headquarters has discovered a series of questions:

First, the accounts receivable too high

2004 total Feather Flag sales of 350 million Dollar three stations, the result of accounts receivable of $ 250 million, resulting in a serious cash flow poor, operational difficulties. This is the cumulative balance due by the project and the contract resulting from excessive money advances, fundamental research, it is closely related to the Feather Flag sales staff appraisal system and customer management system.

1. Companies often when the project money has not been fully recovered, on all settlement bonus Feather Flag salesperson. Recover the balance due had nothing to do, Feather Flag salespeople lack the natural recovery of power, the balance due piled project.

2. When developing customer service staff, the lack of strict customer credibility assessment system, ineffective supervision of the client, did not keep track of customer funds financial situation, bring problems for the recovery of the balance due.

3. Many customers cash flow difficulties, raw materials, fixed assets, accounts receivable against the post, but the company refused to pay these arrived, leading to an increase in bad debts.

Second, customer development mismanagement

1. All customer information scattered in the hands of the Feather Flag sales staff, the lack of unified management, Feather Flag sales staff conflicts, poor customer development, and the company also holds Feather Flag sales staff subject to large customer resources.

2. The imbalance between old and new customers:

The past three years, the proportion of new and old customers less than 1?3, while the proportion of new and old customers of quantities greater than 1?3, indicating a high average individual projects the amount of new customers, but the number of new customers less than normal, indicating that the company develop new customer ineffective. There are two reasons:

One engineering projects often rely on customer relationships and develop new customers must develop new relationships, much more difficult than the old customers;

Second, the company’s lack of customer credit evaluation system, evaluation of customers often rely on friends or hearsay, bound with a high risk of new customers, making it easy to stay, bad debt, so the company and business people are timid, new customer development there is no breakthrough.

3. Customer development costs of mismanagement, cost of Feather Flag sales rate Feather Flag salespeople serious imbalance, the highest 3.40 Dollar / square, the lowest 0.17 Dollar / square and a false customer development costs is more serious. False cost more relaxed, and even became the main part of the Feather Flag sales revenue, the Feather Flag sales commission, and recover the balance due of the project is difficult to encourage effective and develop new customers but did not power.

4. They lack the necessary customer information management and customer credit investigation, select a customer hasty: Quote, bidding process, Feather Flag salesperson depends on a mouth pricing, and other terms of the contract talk about it, just get it back so that the leaders signed and sealed; customer resources can not be shared, Business people fighting each other, misjudged customer credit, collection risk increased sharply.

Third, the Feather Flag sales staff grab a single inverted single

1. Grab one: Each Feather Flag salesperson has the task targets, the task index is too high, it will lower prices to compete for customers. The Feather Flag sales area or customer type, business people naturally not classified business people “grab a make a” hasty development customers.

2. Down list: Companies with Feather Flag sales as the sole indicator assessment, internal incentives too one-sided, some older employees or customers with large resources, can easily complete or over-done; and some new employees, or only sporadic customers’ employees, it is difficult to achieve their goals. Pay the difference between them is very large, it was altogether some customers will be transferred to other small mixing plant resources, access to high commission.

Grab one, pour a single growing, not only led to the gradual decline in market share, but also undermine the company’s reputation.


First, all soldiers receivables 1. Receivables linked with reward and punishment.

Of old scores, the company established a classification collection incentive system.

A class of debt after the completion of the main structure contract receivables within 15 months, or within six months of arrears has been no movement. Its responsibility is Feather Flag sales department, approved funds in cooperation with the Finance Ministry, urging the project’s Feather Flag sales recovered arrears. Feather Flag sales staff to be in writing, submit plans and settlement conditions recovered.

Meanwhile, the progress of business people recover revenue and accounts receivable strict Hook: operational staff to complete the project only after the project 100 percent of receivables, in order to get full commission; operational staff costs occurring in the collection can be to borrow way to finance collection, but the proportion of borrowing linked to the proportion of payment, after all the back money to write off the cost of borrowing in Feather Flag sales.

Class B debt is the main cap engineering projects yet to recover more than 18 months, or more than one-year contract term debt, such debt will form bad debts. The company set up a special “debts Office” is responsible for clearing the arrears of such income, to suspend the work of the ad hoc business Feather Flag sales staff, suspended salary and bonuses (as clear progress received only a small amount of overdraft commission to make a living), followed by “bad Tail Project “classified” debts Office “full time receivables. And other receivables when completed, to the settlement commission. As punishment, commission percentage than normal receivables can be reduced by the proportion of 1 to 5 points.

Class C is then transferred to debts owed to do six months of the project still failed to resolve, mostly belonging to dishonesty, malicious default. Such debts referred to the company’s legal affairs office is responsible, with the legal means to recover the arrears.

2. Strengthen contract compliance process management.

detailed assessment cycle: before the 25th month, Marketing and Finance Department co-payment verification of progress of each project, to Feather Flag sales and related business personnel assigned receivables mission statement next month, and monthly payment, assessment, namely Market records each business personnel to complete the monthly payment schedule, could not be completed on schedule, the corresponding lower commission percentage.

Import Warning Mechanism: the cooperation by the company’s Feather Flag sales department and finance department, the monthly issue “month accounts receivable analysis table”, analysis of customer accounts receivable to the customer to send a more formal working relationships with the letter, urge customers timely yet section. Three bursts of work yet to repay customers letter, the company will suspend delivery until the accounts cleared before resuming service.

3. The agency receives additional money was arrived.

Feather Flag sales by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Supply Coordination Group responsible for the composition of this work, which reported Feather Flag sales department to apply for the Ministry of Finance is responsible for asset evaluation, supply department responsible for acceptance.

Second, centralization, control of new and old customers

1. Integration of old clients.

Starting from the clean-up contracts, analysis confirmed that customers verify the information previously worked with, build customer profiles, according to the customer operation, credit assessment of the situation, the project scale, customers will be divided into strategic customers, key customers and the average customer (the ratio is about 2?3?5), and category management, customer resource firmly reverted companies.

strategic customers: marketing vice president level and above requires leadership at least quarterly level of customer visits once. Strategic customers enjoy the product price, quota and supply conditions better treatment, visit easy person to finalize, while customer satisfaction surveys; Feather Flag sales Manager is responsible for assisting the process of tracking contact, designated Feather Flag sales staff to visit at least twice a month . The main contents include customer intelligence visited communication, service coordination, cash, and other unexpected events, Feather Flag sales personnel also provide on-site technical guidance and timely solutions to the amount of the difference between the issue and coordinate distribution, project settlement.

important customers: Feather Flag sales manager involved in visits to achieve middle-docking, while checking the quality of service at any time to find and solve problems.

General customers: regular follow-up by the relevant Feather Flag sales staff.

2. Standardize new customer development actions and credit investigation.

In order to carry out after the development of new customers, information must be registered in the Feather Flag sales staff. Specific measures include:

For more information , Feather Flag sales staff responsible for the collection and collation of potential customers (in addition to registered capital, scale status from taxation of official information, in particular, to collect credit information from the private sector, such as integrity, reputation payments, etc.), and must be potential customers timely reporting regular meeting at the weekend, then the secondary review by the Feather Flag sales department and screening to help identify potential customers.

Nathan entered the stage, the Feather Flag sales department will send discuss other personnel involved in contractual terms, after each negotiation, responsible for the Feather Flag sales staff of the project must complete call records and customer performance situation, the consolidation by the marketing department summary profile.

finally signed when customers will be invited Market Feather Flag sales (accumulation of detailed market information and customer information) and the Finance Ministry (the bank are closely linked, obtained loan repayment customer credit rating) to participate, the Mixed After (especially for the price), reported vice president in charge for approval before signing. After marketing to new customers to establish a “customer information file.”

reputation for poor clients, should be strictly limited trading conditions, such as requiring cash spot, do not give a line of credit; irregularities That give sanctions, such as an immediate cessation of service.

Third, the fish in troubled waters difficult Nathan

In fact, the company control of client resources in the process, as well as specifying Nathan action, to a certain extent, to avoid the rush of single inverted single phenomenon.

1. Grab a single block and reverse single.

The company requires that the Feather Flag sales team to carry out “marketing team” to avoid internal business personnel engaged in the battle:

major customers are directly connected by the vice president of Feather Flag sales, and Feather Flag sales representative designated to assist, to avoid grab a single phenomenon in the old customers.

In order to avoid looting single phenomenon when developing new customers, the company requires each regular Feather Flag sales staff to report their plans to visit next week to avoid a crash a week. If the two Feather Flag sales staff also found a useful customer information, Feather Flag sales staff supervisor of the project according to the likelihood of success, person designated main track, another person was to help people, he usually just before or receivables Nathan When played roundabout public relations role, the resulting costs will be spending on the main track people’s project costs. After all the money back, etc. to help people will get a 5% to 10% of total Feather Flag sales commission.

company down severe penalties single behavior, once the loss of customers, business customers must fill out the track record table, detailed records of the main reason for the loss of customers and the ultimate customer flow, while the project will accept the supervision of all operational staff.

2. Encourage the development of new customers.

The key is to grab a single down alone from the weight of internal incentive Feather Flag sales process is not heavy, single incentives. To fundamentally solve the problem, the need to establish a more reasonable customer development incentives (adjusted business performance remuneration in Table 1). The company’s approach is customer development costs and Feather Flag sales commission set up separately, be focused in order to eliminate the cost of false, so evaluation to play its due role in enhancing the transparency of the management of:

adjustment of customer development costs: the old customer development costs are relatively small, general control within one Dollar / square, a large new customer development costs, usually in the 1.50 Dollar / square around.

old customers to adjust the proportion of Feather Flag sales commission: commission income ratio of old customers was 3.00 Dollar / square, commission percentage increase of new customers, reaching 3.50 Dollar to 4.00 Dollar / square (gradient according to the project to establish the amount of the customer’s size), encourage business people develop new customers.

For new employees, we set up Feather Flag sales Newcomer Award, to encourage businesses to develop new customers, to prevent the fall because of low income alone.